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The craft of making the jewellery is for me a very important part of developing my designs. When it comes to the creative process the mind can be very dictating, controlling and extremely limiting. First when getting the tools in my hands and onto the metal does unforeseen and interesting things happen - the pieces becomes tactile and alive, unlike the rather mechanical look of mass produced jewellery




I did my jewellery degree in London; a fantastic inspirational and buzzing place to fill up my portfolio, a continuous place to find new things to explore in my jewellery.

This January, alomost twenty years after finishing my degree, I was reminded just how brilliant these four years were in exploring what intriques and excites me visually.

I went  on a design trip and came back with my camera and drawing pad full of details ....that magically fits with the actual jewellery I am making.

I am amazed and thrilled to find that design wise I am so sure of who I am. I have my design DNA fully imprinted and despite my jewellery having changed dramatically over the years, and the process being interrupted by many years employment for a large jewellery company, it is still the same lines, surfaces and objects I am drawn to, as I was then.

Earlier I explored the geometrical element and repetition of shape of what facinated my eye, whereas now I express it in subtle fine single curves and lines


SIMPLE LIVING  /  SUSTAINABILITY  /  RECYCLING are united at Tina Hjelm jewellery


" I make all jewellery by hand in my combined shop, studio and workshop situated in Copenhagen.

Sustainability and ecology is generally very important for me. In my work it means that I when possible use recycled silver and biogold and that my packaging is made of recycled paper. I buy all my materials in Denmark and England to minimise the negative environmental impact caused by transport. Preferably I shop in Copenhagen where I can pick up the goods on my morning walk with my dog.

I am very aware of keeping my designs simple, using basic techniques to remind us of the beauty and true in the simple things in life"

/ Tina Hjelm




I work in sterling silver, goldplated silver and solid 14 carat & 18 carat gold. I might occationally add a tiny diamond, if I find the design needs it to work - and only then.

I keep my jewellery simple leaving space for the piece to work with the person wearing it.

I am drawn to the basic native expression in art and I like the simple approach of leaving the essense of the jewellery speaking it's own language. If entirely up to me I would tie all jewellery on with a string. However the requests for 'all metal/ real jewellery' makes me take a more typical approach, just adding the odd leather or silk string wherever possible



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I sell my jewellery on-line too and I happily ship all over the world.

If the jewellery is not what you expected, simply return them and you will get your money return