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Art of Simplicity hoop earrings

DKK 520,00

the earring that is an absolute must in your selection of earrings

no matter if you are a person that changes your jewellery every day according to mood and outfit OR finds your favorite and wears it every day with out fail, this is the one style that you never tires of

believe me, I have tried to make designs to offer an alternative, and while they have shown very popular too, I continuously get requests of the round hoops

my confession is, I too simply love the classic and timeless all stylish look of round hoops, and have worn them on and off from I was a teenager

they go with everything from worn jeans to evening dress - perfect and effortless

right now I have them in diameter of 30 mm and 40 mm and naturally my signature irregularly hammered surface to give them character and a handcrafted loved feel

please note: there is a delivery time of 10 days on the 14 carat one / to allow me time to make them especially for YOU :)