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Free Spirit of Nature necklace

DKK 624,00

beautifully delicate one off necklace with hand crafted sterling silver bead and silk string

truly sustainable, I make each nugget by melting left over sterling silver forming unique little beads. left as untouched as possible with minimal filing and polishing of the bead, it mirrors the nature of the metal in a fine and true unspoiled way. I carefully select the bead for the purpose to create the perfect, unique, one off piece of jewellery with no match

this is a piece too wear at all times, day and night, during exercising and lounging around:)

the silk string can be changed when worn out, however it is very durable and will stay nice for a very long time. I typically wear mine for a year before feeling the need to replace it

silk comes 4 colors / max length 45 cm - adjustable