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Your jewellery

Hjelm jewellery is made out of respect for the creative process, the materials and for our environment.

I use sterling silver (925) and 18 carat gold plate as well as 14 carat and 18 carat solid gold. All jewellery is hand crafted by myself at my workbench. You will find irregularities in expression, size and finish from piece to piece which only contributes to create an individual jewellery - YOUR piece of jewellery.

The jewellery is made of fine metals and wires and has smooth surfaces, which naturally is of importance to bear in mind when using them. Dents and scratches will show and the string will absorb sweat and grease. Despite the delicate look of the jewellery they are remarkably lasting. I test all my designs during my daily about. Do they not meet my wishes for standard, I will make the necessary adjustments or perhaps choose to take them out of the collection.

The jewellery is made to be used and loved. However do you want to keep your jewellery nice and lasting I suggest not to wear it when you do sports, shower or do strenuous work. When not in use keep the jewellery in a small box or bag or acid free tissue paper, that way you avoid it getting oxidized and patchy.

For gold-plated jewellery please also bear in mind: The gold-plate might react to some perfumes and moisturizers, therefore do wait put on the jewellery until it is absorbed by your skin.

Any gold-plate will eventually need a freshen up. It is best done by having it re-gold plated; the cost if send to Hjelm is DKK 100 - 225

Please note: strings and leather does by nature wear out at a point; in most designs it will be possible to change them.

All the above said, it will always be your favorite jewellery that gets the dents and perhaps eventually breaks, as it is the jewellery you simply cannot do without and must wear.

Please send repairs or re-gold plates to this address:

Tina Hjelm ApS

Store Strandstraede 20, th

1255 Copenhagen K


Remember to wrap your jewellery, send for repair, carefully, include a copy of your receipts