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Inspiration / Designs

did my jewellery degree in London, a fantastic inspirational and buzzing place to fill up my portfolio, a continuous place to find new things to explore in my jewellery

This January, almost twenty years after finishing my degree, I was reminded just how brilliant these four years at university were in exploring what intrigues and excites me visually

i went on a design trip and came back with my camera and drawing pad full of details....that magically fits with the actual jewellery I am making


I am amazed and thrilled to find that design wise I am so sure of who I am. I have my design DNA fully imprinted and despite my jewellery having changed dramatically over the years, and the process being interrupted by many years employment for a large jewellery company, it is still the same lines, surfaces and objects I am drawn to, as I was then

Earlier I explored the geometrical element and repetition of shape of what fascinated my eye, whereas now I express it with subtle fine single curves and lines