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Blending Me

Being a master in the Art of Simplicity in my jewellery and Feng Shui, I equally have complicated my life by separating my craft with my energy work

To stand more strong and centered in myself my aim is to start LIVE OUT THE SAME SIMPLE APPROACH TO ALL ASPECTS OF MY LIFE incl share whatever thoughts and ideas spring to my mind concerning THIS SIMPLIFYING OF BEING

I hope it is a thing we can share, mirror, encourage and feel joy and pride for


who is to choose a life of up-the-hill work and worry to one of more high vibe and joy

Please let me specify in case you are getting a bit worried;
You will NOT experience any change to my style and designs of jewellery for they are already perfected and created from the core of ME

IF ANY VISIBLE DIFFERENCE, you might be able to sense a more free and light feel in my way of working that might mean higher productivity; ...... - fingers crossed :D

NB. if danish speaking; please do check out my 'live' announcement on my facebook page