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The energies that surrounds us

I have started a new venture into Energy Flow Healing

It is new AND I am still training, however I find it an amazing tool to create a harmonious balanced state in my system from where I can tap even deeper into my creativity

The process of designing, developing, making the jewellery has always been fluid for me and has come in a natural flow. Just like I find the work at the bench fantastically meditative

What is new is that I now start up the healing as a conscious way to dive deeper into this whole process and free my creativity even more

It is important for me to let you know that the Energy Flow Healing does only effect ME

It is not possible for me to bind the Universal Energy to an object so I am sorry to inform, YOU will NOT find a ring to heal your headache among my jewellery :)

What you WILL find is jewellery created in a high and pure level of harmony and love for the trade, the craft and the process which in itself is rather unique and spectacular

Brush up on your Danish quickly and hear it from my very own mouth :) link to my video on my Facebook page