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AM . Jewellery


Being a master in the Art of Simplicity in my jewellery and Feng Shui, I equally have complicated my life by separating my craft with my energy work To stand more strong and centered in myself my aim is to start LIVE OUT THE SAME SIMPLE APPROACH TO ALL ASPECTS OF MY LIFE incl share whatever thoughts and ideas spring to my mind concerning THIS SIMPLIFYING OF BEING I hope it is a thing we can share, mirror, encourage and feel joy and pride for because.... who is to choose a life of up-the-hill work and worry to one of more high vibe and joy Please let me specify in case you are getting a bit worried; You will NOT...
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DIN Power . Ro . Klarhed

  NOW I bind ALL my work together - completely and whole   💥💥💥⚡️⚡️⚡️🙌🙌🙌💃🏼   Wether you choose a jewellery, a Feng Shui consultation or a Healing session with me I give you the possibility to connect with the part of you that holds your inner POWER . CALM . CLARITY .   Right from start THIS has been the core of my jewellery however it is first now through intensive energy work in myself I have got aware of this being the message / the gift for you in ALL my work - for YOU to CONNECT IN YOU❤️   /   NU er det afgjort💫 HELE mit virke bindes NU sammen, fuldstændig og helt   💥💥💥⚡️⚡️⚡️🙌🙌🙌💃🏼   KERNE/...
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I feel a bit like a Zen Artist

I have started a new venture into Energy Flow Healing It is new AND I am still training, however I find it an amazing tool to create a harmonious balanced state in my system from where I can tap even deeper into my creativity The process of designing, developing, making the jewellery has always been fluid for me and has come in a natural flow. Just like I find the work at the bench fantastically meditative What is new is that I now start up the healing as a conscious way to dive deeper into this whole process and free my creativity even more It is important for me to let you know that the Energy Flow Healing does only...
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SIDSTE FASE af OPRYDNING af mine designs ER STARTET💃🏼 Jeg har samlet de styles, som jeg tager ud af mit sortiment i MAKING ROOM Jeg rydder faktisk helt automatisk op i mit sortiment regelmæssigt, for at sikre at alt mit arbejde kommer fra LYST og KÆRLIGHED  Normalt sker det stille uden information ganske enkelt ved at stoppe med at lave smykket, men jeg forstår på de forespørgsler jeg får, at i gerne vil vide det, så i har mulighed for at købe smykket, mens muligt DERFOR, ER DET NU 🙌💃🏼💫 DU SKAL SHOPPE LØS Jeg har ‘frigivet’ ALLE designs, og laver en gang for alle, uanset om jeg har det på lager, netop DET design du bestiller / vær derfor...
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Smykker i høje vibrationer

En snak om energi og smykker, køb og oprydning link til Facebook video My dear English friends, a little summery of this talk, which is all in Danish, on jewellery, energy, clearing out and purchase. The energy, love and joy I put through in the early stages of creating new designs and pieces holds a high vibrancy less intense at the 10th one. If at all interested and sensitive to energy, which I sense pretty much all you lovely people using my jewellery are, I suggest you pick and purchase early in my creative process where the vibrancy peeks. For this same reason I am clearing out designs available. Please, go to my web shop and order your favorite, long...
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